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Elements offers simple, yet elegantly composed food in a serene, contemporary setting. Our passion for fine dining will compliment your taste for haute cuisine. From the moment you walk in to the last delicious morsel you taste, we promise to deliver a unique and exquisite dining experience.

Our cuisine combines classical as well as modern Asian and European cooking techniques to enhance the flavors of local and sustainable ingredients. Our menu changes often to capitalize on the freshest and most seasonal fare. We are proud that we select menu items from local farms and food producers such as Heritage Farms in Seven Springs, NC (www.heritagecheshire.com), Homeland Creamery in Julian, NC (www.homelandcreamery.com) and East Branch Ginger (www.eastbranchginger.com). The seafood at Elements is also delivered fresh from North Carolina seafood purveyors and global, sustainable vendors.

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Meet The Chef

Meet Chef Michael Chuong

Chef Michael Chuong's journey from fleeing Communist Vietnam at age 15 with his family, using gold to secure his passage to the South Seas, and eventually arriving in New Orleans via Singapore, laid the foundation for his culinary career that blends his Vietnamese heritage with Western and European cuisines. His early memories of cooking traditional Vietnamese and Chinese dishes with his mother, combined with his exposure to French and American cuisines in the United States, influenced his unique approach to cooking. Chuong’s culinary skills were honed in the kitchens of New Orleans, from part-time jobs to becoming Chef de Cuisine at Le Continent, where he was recognized for his finesse and creativity.

Chuong's professional journey included pivotal roles at Delargo, where he crafted a French-American menu, and the Fairmont Hotel’s Zazerac, elevating it to one of New Orleans' top restaurants. His tenure as Executive Chef and Operations Manager at the City Energy Club presented significant challenges but also opportunities for growth. Declining international offers to stay closer to his growing family, Chuong moved to North Carolina in 1997 to become the Executive Chef at Prestonwood Country Club, where he continued to blend Eastern flavors with American fine dining, supported by Ann Goodnight's vision.

The highlight of Chuong’s career came with the partnership and opening of his own restaurant, ăn, in 2006, showcasing a Southeast Asian-inspired cuisine that has become a destination in the Triangle. Following the success of ăn, Chuong opened Elements in 2012, promising a menu that caters to local tastes while continuing to draw from his rich culinary background and community engagement, signaling his ongoing commitment to excellence and innovation in the culinary arts.

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Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the plate, creating an atmosphere that lingers in the memory, making your visit truly exceptional.

“There Is No Love Sincerer Than The Love of Food”

- George Bernard Shaw

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Our commitment to excellence extends beyond the plate, creating an atmosphere that lingers in the memory, making your visit truly exceptional.

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